ChamSys SnakeSys Now Available

The ChamSys SnakeSys S6 (T2) is now available for hire from WLP a great solution for both use as a standard DMX Splitter with 6 DMX Outputs or as a completely configurable Art-Net Node featuring 2 Universes of Direct DMX Output with 3 Outputs per universe as well as 3 Art-Net Outputs.


Full Details About The ChamSys SnakeSys S6 (T2):

The SnakeSys Stage Box S6 is a rugged six port Ethernet to DMX convertor with an in-built network switch supporting three separate DMX output sockets per universe.

  • Six 5-pin DMX output sockets
  • Two universes (three sockets per universe)
  • Four network ports
  • Floor or truss mountable
  • Can be powered by Power over Ethernet
  • Can be used with any Art-Net or ACN compliant console
  • LCD display and buttons for configuration
  • RDM capability (subject to firmware development)
  • Serial port connecter – e.g for connecting projectors
  • Hook clamp fixable in three different orientations
  • Omega clamp fixable in four different orientations

The SnakeSys S6 includes a battery so that it can be configured even when there is no mains power, for example when preping the lighting rig.  Pressing the centre button activates the unit giving access to the menu systems.  The configuration is stored within the unit.  The front panel also includes a label area for marking up the box with a pen if required.

The SnakeSys S6 supports both Art-Net and ACN support, along with ChamNet to allow remote management over the network connection. When in ChamNet mode, the configuration data is stored on board, allowing the device to be restarted.

The SnakeSys S6 has an additional DMX input port on the bottom edge which enables the S6 to work as a stand alone DMX buffer – useful for situations where a truss mount buffer is needed.

Supports Hook Clamp or Omega Clamp.  Three mounting points for omega clamps allow the unit to support four different orientations for convenient mounting or hiding within set pieces. Mounting holes are also provided for safety chains and secondary fixings for additional safety or to allow routing of cables.


DMX ports: 6 (three per universe)
DMX universes: 2
Network ports: 4
Input ports:
1 (v2 only)
Power input: 90-250V AC or PoE

Width: 187mm
Height: 70mm
Depth: 300mm
Weight: 2Kg

ChamSys SnakeSys Now Available